#1 Touring Around the World | WildYear 2015

December 31, 2015

We’ve had an amazing year filled with some of the best shows we’ve ever done, the best crowds we’ve ever had, and the biggest adventures we could have hoped for. So to close out 2015, we counted down our favorite moments, and we’ll be honest: We cheated a little with #1. Traveling the world doing what we love and entertaining fans has been so much more rewarding than we ever anticipated, and this year we went to more countries and more cities and met more amazing people than we ever have before. Along the way we saw some of the most amazing sights and had a ton of other crazy adventures. It really was the wildest part of our wildest year yet, so we decided to recap some of the highlights.

New Zealand

Nitro Circus Live

We started off 2015 in New Zealand, where we had great crowds in Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, Dunedin, and Christchurch. While we were there Coby Toland helped us kick off our webseries The AmBADASSador and Tommy and Crum launched a webseries of their own. Between tour stops we got a chance to visit Franklin Farm in Tokoroa, which is one of the greatest action sports training and performance facilities going today, and Frost Farm, where we learned all about redneck wakeboarding (and wished we’d thought of it). What a tour! Check out some highlights from New Zealand from the original Skyline Luge in Rotorua to the beaches of Waiheke Island to spelunking in the Aranui Cave:

Hiking in Wellington

Check out our first show of the year in Wellington, New Zealand.

Frost Farm in Palmerston North


Skyline Luge in Rotorua


Spelunking in the Aranui Cave in Waitomo


Jet Boats and Pranks in Hamilton

Also in Hamilton, we talked with the guys about style, Tinder, Taylor Swift and tattoo fails.

Hanging on the Beach on Waiheke Island

While still in Auckland, the guys fit in a CrossFit workout and Chris Haffey gets his revenge. Then we headed over to Waiheke Island for a day at the beach. For more beach interviews, watch Red Beard bust some balls then hear Travis talk about the mind of a warrior.

Franklin Farm and Road Trip Adventures



People often ask us where we’re headed next, and our response is usually: Anywhere and everywhere, eventually! So when we start organizing tours, the first thing we take a look at is places we can go where we’ve never been before, and those are always exciting shows. It was our pleasure this year to bring the show to Japan for the first time ever. We put on four shows in two of the country’s biggest cities, Tokyo and Osaka, and we had a blast! We can’t wait to come back for more. Check out some highlights from our debut shows in Japan:

The Art of Kendo Fighting in Osaka

A few things may have been lost in translation, but it was incredible to see this crowd go wild. Then, watch Tommy learn how to sumo wrestle while Crum dresses up like a Geisha girl.

Bilko Messing With the Locals in Tokyo


Australia is like a second home to us (actually, it’s a first home to many of us, athletes as well as behind-the-scenes Nitro people), so the shows there are always a highlight of our touring year. Coby kicked off the tour by surprising people who least expected it, and fun times continued from there. In Sydney, we found out who’s really in charge at Nitro, and in Newcastle the boys decided it was time to get in shape.

We also had a chance to visit Bundaberg and get some practice and relaxation in with some snakes. But it wasn’t all hijinks! The Gold Coast show is where Travis Pastrana infamously attempted a double backflip side by side with Josh Sheehan. Most of you know how that went. We threw down in almost 10 cities along the way, so check out some highlights:

Brother-Sister Tandem FMX in Wollongong


Getting Fit in Newcastle


Side-by-Side Double Backflip at Cbus Super Stadium


Makeovers in Gold Coast


Ramps and Snake Wrangling in Bundaberg


Life-Size Hot Wheels in Darwin


North America – Leg 1

We kicked off the first leg of our 2015 North America tour in Florida, where we hit several cities with big shows. We brought along Ben Edwards for the whole tour to document the shenanigans from a fan’s perspective. His tour diary really captured what it’s like to ride with Nitro. Before leaving Florida we went skydiving on one of our off days, and then we headed up the coast to Atlanta and then to Nashville.

After that, it was on to New Jersey and then New York, where Erik Roner and Tommy got to spend an evening with Ronnie Reality playing with streetbikes. From there it was Pittsburgh, two stops in Missouri, and we wrapped it up in Oklahoma and Texas. And that was all in about two and a half weeks! But that’s the nature of the tour, and it’s part of the charm as well as the burden. Man, do we love it. Here are some highlights:

FMX Triple Backflip at Pastranaland

Check out the interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.

Scooter Triple Backflip in Jacksonville

See all the photos from our show in Jacksonville, Florida.

Skydiving With Travis in Orlando

See all the photos from our show in Orlando, Florida.

Street Performing in Nashville

See all the photos from our show in Nashville, Tennessee.

Streetbike Stunt Riding in New York


CrossFit in Philadelphia

See all the photos from the Bacon Festival in Pittsburgh, the Arch in St. Louis and our show in Kansas City.

Swift Roll in Tulsa

See our DreamJobber’s last show and learn more about the Swift Roll.

Adaptive Training and Trident Response Group in Dallas

Go back to see Part I of the guys’ Adaptive Training, then they take a break to race go-karts.

BMX Quad Backflip at Pastranaland

Check out the interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.


'Crazy Train' in Croatia - June 2015

Our 2015 Europe tour was one for the ages. We started out in Helsinki, Finland, then threw down in Denmark and Sweden. But before we left the Nordic countries, we took a detour to film some of our NBCSN series Crazy Train in Svanstein. We also had a disastrous hot dog eating contest before setting off for Budapest, Hungary. Then it was off to Austria and Switzerland, with a quick stop off in Croatia in between to film more Crazy Train. Next we headed to France, where Ethen Roberts attempted another world record blob stunt and Travis and Crum, well, you’ll see. Next we went to Spain and then back to Switzerland to close it out. Whew. And the year wasn’t even over after that! Check out some highlights:

Slingshot in Finland and Jet Skis in Sweden

Check out more of our adventures in Svanstein, Sweden.

BASE Jumping in Switzerland


Huge Crowds and Crazy Crashes in Geneva

See all the photos from building BMX ramps on the cliffs of Geneva, Switzerland.

Building BMX Ramps in Croatia

See all the photos from building BMX ramps on the cliffs of Croatia.

Combo Flips in Budapest

See all the clips and photos from our show in Budapest, Hungary.

World Record Blob Stunt in Nice

See all the clips and photos from Ethen’s World Record blob stunt in Nice, France.

Travis and Crum’s Paris Getaway

North America – Leg 2

We started the second leg of our North America tour in Washington, D.C. From there it was a whirlwind. In Philadelphia some of the Crew got a chance to ride at the legendary FDR Skatepark. After that it was Boston and then across the northern border to Toronto, for the show where Bruce Cook made history. From there we headed west, crisscrossing the border: Ottawa, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Fargo, Winnepeg, Saskatoon. What a blur! That was just over three weeks, and the next thing we knew we were on the West Coast in Vancouver, B.C., for one of the best crowds we had on the tour. In Tacoma, our next stop, Jarryd McNeil explained exactly why.

From there it was all about the West Coast: Portland and then Los Angeles and Anaheim, which were both special shows, with Southern California being the birthplace of action sports as we know it today. We hit several more cities in California and took a day off at Pismo Beach, where we brought some toys out to the dunes. Then it was off to Salt Lake City, and we finally wrapped up the year up in Las Vegas, with an amazing crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Check out some of the highlights:

Pitbikes at Pastranaland


Live Show in Washington D.C.


FDR Skatepark in Philadelphia

See more shots from our trip to FDR Skatepark here.

Ice Towing in Minnesota


First Paraplegic Moto Backflip in Toronto

Get the full story about Bruce Cook’s amazing accomplishment here.

Nothing Front Bike Flip

Hear from Ryan Williams about how he stuck the World First nothing front bike flip here.

Day at the Dunes on Pismo Beach

Read all about our adventures in California here. And see how our Las Vegas show was a fitting end to an amazing tour and year.

So that was the biggest year in Nitro Circus history. Thanks so much for your support in 2015 — the fans are why we do what we do, we couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to! But if you thought this year was nuts (we definitely did), wait until 2016. We’ve got huge tours planned in Europe, Australia, North America, and more. We’re also kicking off the inaugural Nitro World Games this summer! Hit all those links for details. We can’t wait to see you at a show in 2016! Happy New Year!