5 Things That Prove Streetbike Tommy Actually Has Talent

October 3, 2017

Some people never get the recognition they deserve. Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, and scores of others went to the grave before achieving their celebrity. It weighs on me when I see real talent where others don’t. Case in point: For the past two years while performing at Nitro Circus shows all over the world, I have had to listen to the pre-recorded announcer call Streetbike Tommy “The only cast member without any talent.” So today I am going to prove to you that Tommy doesn’t deserve that intro, and yes, I am comparing him to Tesla, Van Gogh, and Poe. No regrets.

#1 Tommy is a champion rally racer.

I don’t mean a race where the rules are made-up and everything is goofy. Tommy entered a real-deal, actual rally and came in first place. Drivers are considered athletes, so that makes Tommy …

#2 Tommy is a title-holding Big Buck Hunter champion.

You might think this is silly, but when you consider how many roughneck, hard-drinking individuals are playing Buck Hunter on any given evening, it is an incredible feat to be a champion. There is also a $20,000 purse each year, so maybe you should get working on your digital shooting.

#3 Tommy and his team won a skeet-shooting championship.

There are rumors that every other person on his team may have been a ringer, but you can’t win a medal in networking. Tommy would podium every time if you could. Also, it’s cool to see digital shooting transfer to analog shooting.

#4 Tommy is brave.

The skills needed to be a Guinea pig are off the charts. He was the first to attempt to jump a streetbike into a foam pit. He was the first to drive the Barbie car down a mega ramp. That didn’t work out well. He thrives on World’s Firsts and should be appreciated for that.

#5 Tommy is a hell of an entertainer.

From dancing to hosting to his social media exploits, Tommy is a really good time. He gives his fans heaps of love, and it is an honor to have him on a microphone with me night after night. So, to you my friend, I am on your side. We need to get that intro changed!

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