#7 James Foster and Kurtis Downs at X Games | WildYear 2017

December 21, 2017

This is #7 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.

Two of Nitro’s most celebrated BMX stars, James Foster and Kurtis Downs achieved major career milestones this year, earning them a spot on Nitro’s Best of 2017 list. Kurtis was invited for the first time in his career. He made a big statement in his X Games debut, winning a medal in BMX Big Air. Pretty impressive for a rider who was originally invited on the tour to ride contraptions. And not to be outdone, Foster took home his first X Games gold medal and a third career medal, in Big Air and Dirt. Check out some highlights:

#fbf – Last Friday night was one of the craziest contests I've ever ridden in. I did a trick on the mega quarter that I had only dreamed of, right after watching @vincebyron step up and do one of the gnarliest tricks I'd ever seen on it. Everyone pushed themselves and rode incredibly well (some rode injured and it didn't slow them down), and it was a pleasure to ride the big ramp with you guys again, can't wait for the next one! • Thank you; to my beautiful wife @verfoster for always being there and helping me, and for putting up with me when I'm stressed out and and missing practice, to everyone who's ever helped me or listened to one of my crazy thoughts or ideas, to @monsterenergy, @nitrocircus, @hyperbmx/@snafubmx, @fisthandwear, @albesbmx, @profile_racing, @sheepeybuilt, @ostarmotorsports, @andersenhitches, @yokohamatire, @condorbmx and @xgames, @jamiebestwick for inspiring me to never stop pushing myself, the city of Minneapolis for having a vegan/veggie restaurant open after midnight. • Thank you to BMX for being the thing that's shaped my life – allowed me to travel and meet so many incredible people and taught me so much… and of course to my family for always supporting me, for teaching me to always be open minded, and to have fun and make the most out of life. • The first time I rode a "pro" BMX contest was 17 years ago, I was 15. 12 years ago in 2005, I was a scrawny 19 year old, and I did the first triple tailwhip in a contest. It took me until 2013 to finally get into X Games, and I knocked myself out in my first run. • The moral of the story here is don't ever give up on what you love. Learn from your mistakes, injuries and failures, be smarter and work harder. That, and respect and appreciate the people who paved the way for us to do what we do now – for us to be able to keep moving forward and change what people think about kids on bikes… I'm still a kid on a bike, wether it's a dirtbike, bmx bike, mtb, road bike, etc, and I'm still having as much fun now as I did when I was a kid, all because I never stopped riding. Bikes are fun. 🙃 🚲⚡️🤘🏻#twowheelsforever #bmx #MonsterEnergy #NitroCircus #XGames

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This is #7 on our list of the Best Nitro Moments from 2017. Check out the full list here.