All the Osaka Highlights You Can Handle (Image Intense)

March 3, 2017

Two tours down, and the year is just getting started. We had so much fun in New Zealand and followed that up with what can only be described as pure craziness in Japan, where we did only four shows — two in Tokyo and two in Osaka. The crowds were awesome, and the Crew put on some of their best moves ever. But enough talk, let’s get to the photo dump. All images come from Mark Watson (after you check these out, hit up his Instagram to be blown away all over again).

Daice Suzuki - Nitro Circus
Nitro Circus - Osaka, Japan
Ryan Williams - Nitro Circus
Bruce Cook - Nitro Circus
NItro Bomb - Osaka - Nitro Circus
Mario Brothers - Kurtis Downs and Ethen Roberts - Nitro Circus
Nitro Circus
Brandon Schmidt - Nitro Circus
Ryan Williams - Osaka - Nitro Circus
Travis Pastrana, Bruce Cook, Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham - Nitro Circus
Josh Sheehan - Nitro Circus
Nitro Circus
Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Crew
Nitro Circus
Brandon Schmidt - Nitro Circus

More awesomeness from our 2017 Japan tour:

The Nitro Crew Out and About in Tokyo
Todd Meyn on His World First BMX Double Frontflip Tailwhip
Inline Represents at the Nitro Circus Tokyo Shows
FMX and BMX Went Off in Tokyo (Image Intense)
The Nitro Crew Sends It at a Legendary Skatepark in Japan

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