Andy Buckworth Is a Triple Threat on Tour

February 7, 2017

Nitro BMX is stacked right now, with everyone on the squad making a case for being the BMX story of the year. Count Andy Buckworth as a contender for that honor. The BMX superstar from Australia is doing something pretty amazing right now — one of the most difficult tricks in BMX: the triple backflip. The number of athletes who can do them may be growing, but it’s still a pretty short list. Buckworth has been performing them at shows for only about a week, and before that he hadn’t tried one since July.

This is the clip from my triple flip last night #nitrocircus

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Check out some more of his highlights from the tour so far:

Tonight's show is going to be unreal 12,000 people in the crowd and the weather is amazing #nitrocircus #bmx #newzealand

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Another super awesome show in New Zealand #nitrocircus

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How about a couple more triples?

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