Todd Meyn’s Skatepark Comeback in His First Vlog of 2018

March 23, 2018

BMX star Todd Meyn is back at the skatepark and even better for us: He’s dropping edits. He was a prolific vlogger during the 2017 Nitro tour, hitting local skateparks across New Zealand, Japan, and Australia, performing for local fans. After a nice time away from the video editor, Todd’s first video back is a stripped-down, no-frills day at the skatepark. His edits are a testament to the fact that BMX is sick all by itself. Don’t get us wrong, watching him send a trick off the Giganta against a backdrop of pyro is bucket-list material, but BMX got its start as a street sport, done entirely for fun, which is why with Todd all you need is a phone and a bike. He’s posted a few more vids since this one, so click the link below after you watch this one:

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