Backflip Haters and Kentucky Skaters – WildWeek

May 5, 2017

We’re ushering in the spring with a new weekly roundup of everything awesome we could fit in one post. Yes, we know spring is almost over, but we’ve been busy. At any given time, Nitro Circus athletes are on tour, landing World Firsts, dropping edits of their latest side trips, or competing in the biggest events in action sports. We want to share the things we’re doing, the cool stuff we’re reading about, things that make us laugh, and some things that defy categorization. Think of it as a Nitro show in text form. Now, on to the goods.

Harry Bink Double Backflip

Call us when you double backflip a dump truck. A handful of vocal internet commenters seemed a bit underwhelmed last week when Harry Bink joined the exclusive FMX double backflip club (the photo you were just staring at, above), becoming the seventh rider to land the trick since Travis Pastrana did it first back in 2006, the year most vocal internet commenters were born. SEE IT

X Games Minneapolis competitors are hot hot hot. It looks like there’s going to be a lot of familiar faces competing at X Games this summer. The growing list already includes a bunch of Nitro veterans, including James Foster, Josh Sheehan, Beau BamburgJarryd McNeil, and many more. It’s going to be hard to choose who to root for, so let’s just hope everyone wins something. To see the current complete list, PRESS HERE

There’s no such thing as practice; you’re riding or you’re not. You have to admit, sticking a World First on the Nitro World Games practice setup more than two weeks before qualifiers is a pretty good way to let everyone know you’re planning on going big at the actual competition. We just hope Beaver Fleming didn’t plan to have a fellow Skate Best Tricks competitor pick him up from the airport in Salt Lake City, because he probably just lost his ride. SEE IT

Travis and Wheelz rule, the sky is blue, water is wet, etc. Two of Nitro’s most-recognized athletes won competitions last week: Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham took home the top prize at the WCMX World Championships, while Travis Pastrana finished first in the Oregon Trail Rally. Not to be confused with Oregon Trail the video game, which is much slower and less fun to watch. MORE ON WHEELZ and MORE ON TRAVIS

Northern Kentucky has a skate scene. Just across the river from Cincinnati, a group of skateboarders are doing their thing with backing from the mayor and the community. Yes, that says “backing” not “backlash.” Check out their awesome story. READ IT



Tony Hawk witnesses car fire caused by rats. Action sports stars: They’re just like us. Even legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is not immune from stumbling upon a scene of utter WTF, as he did this week in NYC when he witnessed some guy’s car catch on fire because it was infested with rats. Another Tony Hawk World First! ENJOY IT

Make the call: Did Jed Mildon just attempt a lazy boy backflip on an actual La-Z-Boy?

Little back end heavy 😂🤣😂🤣#winsomeloosesome #sendit

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We flashed back too far: R-Willy looking … not much different, actually.


Sneak peek at next week: The Crew is headed to Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, this weekend to do a show in front of Ryan “R-Willy” Williams’ hometown crowd, so you can bet he’s planning something huge. See you then!