BASE Jumping, Lion Taming, and So Many Epic Moments in South Africa

November 1, 2017

And just like that it was over. We approached our second ever tour of South Africa with so much anticipation, and it did not disappoint. Hard to believe we crammed so much into such a short tour, but luckily we’ve got photos and videos for days. Cape Town was a blast, and we were just getting started. In Durban, we got to hang with reptiles at a sanctuary, our jaws dropped when Sean Chuma performed an amazing tandem BASE jump with a volunteer from the crowd as a tribute to Erik Roner, and the show was absolutely epic. Check it all out here:

And check out this gallery (click to enlarge the thumbnails):


And then it was on to Johannesburg, the biggest city in the country and the home to our largest-ever audience. Like last time, we spent an afternoon in Soweto putting on a demo for the local kids, who were super pumped the whole time. But the guys were even more stoked. We also got a chance to go on a legit safari. All that before closing out the tour with another super fun performance for an awesome crowd. Here are the highlights:


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