Bilko Shows Inside a Nitro Tour Bus, More From Our Texas Shows

September 12, 2017

Not all the Nitro athletes are as prolific as others when it comes to social media and vlogging. Some don’t vlog at all. Some, like Blake “Bilko” Williams, only a few times a year. But what Bilko lacks in volume he more than makes up for in insults per minute. And entertainment, of course. He has a reputation for being the funniest guy on tour, and that reputation is well earned. His latest video is from our recent shows in Texas, and while a video from Ryan Williams gives us a solid look at the Giganta side during that weekend, Bilko’s offering is unsurprisingly more FMX focused. It’s also more focused on bodily functions, Josh Sheehan’s mustache, and a sneak peek at what life on the tour bus is like. So between the two of them we’ve got exhaustive coverage of everything important from the road that weekend. Please enjoy:

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