Bruce’s Big Return and R-Willy Takes US Behind the Trick – WildWeek

August 4, 2017

Advice of the Week: Be like Bruce Cook. There are lots of reasons to admire the FMX star and record holder for the World’s First paraplegic to backflip a motorcycle. This week, it’s for his sage advice to a young fan and FMX up-and-comer. We’re going to keep our Advice of the Week brief and end it there. We can feel your eyes being drawn to the video below — the one with the title Wildest Wipeouts. You see the word “wipeouts” and the universe fades away until all there is left is the play button. You’re like a Golden Retriever now and the video is the tennis ball. Check it out and the rest of the week’s shenanigans below:



Ryan “R-Willy” Williams presents VH1 Behind the Trick. R-Willy’s latest video series Web Edit Wednesday is the action sports version VH1 Behind the Music, where he takes a trick from his (already legendary) Web Edit 3 and talks about what inspired it and how he accomplished it. This week’s trick is called the Backflip Nosemanual to Inward In, or the button masher if this was a video game. It’s easy to take R-Willy sticking a crazy trick for granted. He has so many in his arsenal; it’s tempting to think he’s capable of whipping one out at will. That’s why it’s instructive to watch him plow through bail after painful-looking bail because it shows that it ultimately comes down to practice and willingness to eat cement. WATCH IT

When 14-year-old FMX phenom Trevor Wahr got the chance to meet his hero Bruce Cook, he asked what it takes to become a member of Nitro Circus. There are few better athletes than Bruce Cook to exemplify the virtues of hard work and perseverance, but he had more wisdom to impart. He said you need hard work, perseverance and a solid social media game to get your name out. We, the Nitro Writers, heartily agree. Trevor, if we can add to that: You need hard work, perseverance and a consistent pipeline of video edits for us to write about and share. Nitro Writer to future Nitro Circus athlete fist bump. SHARE IT

Look, it’s Bruce Cook’s week in the spotlight. The FMX icon is making his big return to Hamilton, his first since his crash after attempting a World First double frontflip that took away the use of his legs. We talked to him about his feelings before the show and why he wants to give back to his Hamilton fans. PITTER PATTER (Ed. Note: This is a Canadian inside joke)

This week’s WildWeek theme is shaping up to be patterned after the old triad: the true, the good, the beautiful. Bruce spoke the truth when he extolled the virtues of social media in helping publicize athletes, his comeback to Hamilton is an unambiguous good, and action sports variety show Ethen Roberts is here to bring us the beautiful. Ethen’s gorgeously shot web series Off the Grid is a must-see love letter to his home state of Utah. ADMIRE IT

Spend a day at Travis Pastrana’s Pastranaland compound with skateboard legend, Lizard King. In a spot for Supra Footwear’s We Are Supra Passionate video series, Lizard King talks with the Nitro Circus ringleader about their passion for action sports and life. Come for the inspiring conversation, stay for the sheer variety of action sports they take part in at Travis’ compound. And make extra sure you keep watching to see the best first attempt at a motorcycle backflip Travis has ever seen. WATCH IT


Want to see what not to do when trying a back flip 😂 @Boditurner747

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A sneak peek at next week: We still have so much more to look forward to before summer is out. We’re ready to go big in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we have plenty more shows left on our North America tour. Stay tuned!

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