Cam Sinclair Sticks the Four-Person Backflip in the Rain

April 11, 2017

Nitro veteran Cam Sinclair has had a legendary career, and there’s a reason for that: The man cannot be discouraged. Every show he rides, he gives it his all, even when conditions are somewhat sketchy. Case in point: At a recent show on the Australia tour, wet conditions made for a slick lander, which is tough no matter what trick you’re trying to land. But Cam is responsible for one of the gnarliest tricks in the show: the four-person backflip. That’s him and three lucky (?) volunteers on one bike. The results are never certain even when it’s perfectly dry. But Cam managed to nail it in the rain, and as a testament to how hard that is, he took home the MVC for the night as a result. Nice work, Cam! Check it out:

4 man somersault in the rain yesterday #nitrocircus @nitrocircus ☔️👬👬

A post shared by Cam Sinclair (@camsincs) on

@spmx1 suspension is doing its job on the 4 person flip bike @nitrocircus @foxheadaustralia #nitrocircus 👌

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