Chris Haffey Makes Epic Run on Next Trickshot Superstar

January 24, 2018

Nitro Circus veteran and aggressive inline superstar Chris Haffey recently competed in Next Trickshot Superstar, an epic competition between some of the internet’s biggest trick shot experts and freestyle athletes. The 10-episode series, hosted by Chad Ochocinco, pitted 18 legit contenders against each other for the chance at a $250,000 prize. Honestly, the types of challenges the competitors were tasked with are tough to describe, but they all involved some sort of precision aim in often extreme conditions. Your best bet is to watch the series if you want to know more, and if you still need convincing, here’s a photo (yes, a trick shot is involved here):

Chris Haffey and Chad Ochocinco on Next Trickshot Superstar

We’re a little biased, so we’re going to link you to the four episodes that Haffey is in, but no spoilers. This journey is best taken from the beginning to see his epic run. If you want to watch the entire series from the beginning, go here. But if you want to just watch Haffey’s eps, start here. Then watch this. Then this one. And for the thrilling finish, watch this one.

Chris Haffey on Next Trickshot Superstar