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July 14, 2017

Nitro fans love to suggest crazy new tricks for the Nitro Crew to try, and we all love to hear them. Well, most of them. At least weekly we get a message over Facebook asking us why no one has ever switched bikes mid-air. We know: You thought you were the first to come up with that one, sorry to break it to you. We promise that if anyone at Nitro lands this trick, we’ll try to give credit to all 5 million of you who have suggested it. But we like the other creative ideas we’ve heard, so we Nitro Writers wanted to suggest some tricks too. (Ed. Note: These suggestions are not sanctioned by the actual athletes of Nitro Circus and are basically idiotic.)

In honor of embracing the Go Go Go lifestyle this summer, how about this wakeboarding trick idea from Charley, one of the Nitro Writers: Go for a straight air (maybe throw in a grab, optional but awesome). Instead of landing clean, you nose down, diving deep under the water until you’re fully submerged (you’re going to need some tight bindings, but it’s worth it). Don’t let go. Stay under for as long as you can, maybe until anyone watching starts to get a little worried. Then you burst from under the water like a breeching fish (this is another good time to throw in a grab of some sort if you catch enough air), and stick it. Call this one The Charley Tuna. (Note: Also works on snowboard or skis if you’re in deep enough powder.) Don’t try this, because we want to be the first to land it. Next week we’ll get a trick suggestion from another Nitro Writer: Chris, aka Freestyle Moto Chris.



Travis Pastrana is King of the Hill at the Mount Washington Hillclimb. Travis Pastrana set a new record (video above!) at the Climb to the Clouds, ending the summer winning streak of Subaru Team USA teammate and rival David Higgins. Travis’ plan was simple: Strap 600 HP to the lightest Subaru format possible, and try to keep it on the road. David’s plan was similar, but he fluffed the second part — luckily, he’s fine. READ IT

X Games Minneapolis is upon us,  and we’re stoked! Nitro Circus and Nitro World Games riders are well represented in FMX, BMX, and skate, from X Games veterans to X Games debuts. This comp is a bit like the Quidditch World Cup: a sprawling event with a bewilderingly large field. It’s easy to lose track of who is competing when. We put together a competition primer that is an absolute must-read for the Nitro fan planning to tune in this weekend. READ IT

X-Fighters Madrid is done, dusted, and toweled off. Yes, there’s a hyphen here but not in X Games. We’re all coping with it. Levi Sherwood and Josh Sheehan’s domination of the podium continued over from the Nitro World Games with their command of the FMX double backflip. In just a few short years, the trick has come to be the crucible for ranking above the tear-line. Here are the takeaways from this year’s X-Fighters. READ IT

More Olympic hopefuls Rising up in BMX. The No. 1 women’s BMX rider has her eyes on Olympic glory in 2020. Hannah Roberts is a FISE world champion several times over and the holder of the first UCI Women’s BMX Freestyle Park World Cup championship. The young rider is expected to make a run for a position on the US Olympic team. It’s time for women’s and men’s BMX to hit the big stage. 2020 can’t come soon enough. READ IT

When it rains, it pours, especially in Seattle. A new indoor park devoted to promoting pro scooter is being planned just outside of Seattle. We couldn’t be more happy for the city of coffee, progressive politics, and uplifting music. We’ve watched scooter go from a derided action sport to one of the most exciting to watch. Scooter now features some of the most popular and envelope-pushing riders in the world. SUPPORT IT


Story of my life…😅 #XGames

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A sneak peek at next week: X Games results and the Nitro Crew begins to converge on Annapolis for Travis Pastrana’s first-ever hometown show.

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