Ethen and the Blob, Plus More New Zealand Highlights

January 10, 2017

We’re kicking off our next tour of New Zealand on Jan. 27, which has us looking back at some of Nitro Circus’ greatest Kiwi hits, from show shenanigans to detours in search of greatness. New Zealand and Australia (where we are headed after New Zealand) have played host to some of our biggest stunts outside of shows. It helps that Kiwis are always game to help us make the crazy happen, no matter how terrifying. Take the time we teamed up with NZL rugby legends Josh Kronfeld and Jeff Wilson to try for a world record catapulting Ethen Roberts off of a blob in a harbor in Auckland. Check it out:

And for good measure, check out this gallery of highlights from previous New Zealand shows to help get you as pumped as we are for the upcoming tour:

Nitro Bomb in Auckland NZL

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