Ethen Roberts’ Love Letter to Utah

August 1, 2017

If we haven’t convinced you to head outside and do something memorable this summer, then you need to watch Ethen Roberts’ web series Off the Grid. The seven-episode series is a love letter to Utah’s storied backcountry. And who better to guide than one of Nitro’s most versatile athletes — Ethen can send it on pretty much everything — and one of the state’s hometown heroes? In his latest edit, Ethen takes us on a trip to illustrate the diversity of Utah’s terrain by snowboarding and wakeboarding on the same day. It’s probably the gnarliest straight up geography lesson ever committed to film. Ethen’s work is always beautifully shot with dramatic backdrops that will have you planning your trip to Park City or Cainville. Check it out, and catch up with the rest of the series below.






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