FMX Double Backflip Train and Two Frontflip Wipeouts: Wollongong Highlights

April 4, 2018

We’ve got another killer show in the books for the 2018 tour of Australia. To quote Nitro Circus veteran Dusty Wygle, after he watched a massive wipeout on a moto frontflip attempt, “That’s frickin’ Next Level.” It’s a little on the nose. This is the Next Level Tour, after all. But specifically what he was referring to is the fact that double frontflipper Gregg Duffy and all-around legend Steve Mini both wrecked on their moto frontflip attempts during this show and somehow walked away. It’s all in this clip, along with a bunch of other incredible moments from the Wollongong stop, which we’ll get more into after the video. Watch now:

In addition to Mini and Duffy absolutely sending it on the frontflip setup, the FMX highlights came fast and furious in this one. Adam Jones continues to amaze with his technical ability and massive airs. And Josh Sheehan and Harry Bink blew everyone’s mind with near simultaneous double backflips (so close they almost touched in the air).

Speaking of touching in the air, on the Giganta side Kurtis Downs and Andrew Ahumada got close enough to do just that during one segment. Ahumada is on tour after a hiatus, so welcome back to him. Kurtis is absolutely crushing everything lately, and you’ll see some massive tricks from him in the video above, including a one-handed seatgrab that Superman himself would struggle to stick. Todd Meyn landed the first-ever roadbike frontflip, as we detailed earlier.

Trevor Piranha is now three for three on his three-wheeler backflip, so nice work there. And Ryan “R-Willy” Williams continues to crush it on BMX and scooter. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is working on a true WCMX banger right now, and he’s almost got it. We don’t want to spoil it, so stay tuned for the clip someday soon.

Overall, it was another epic show on a brand-new tour that is sure to keep getting better and better. Check out our schedule for the rest of the year right here. And here’s a bonus gallery:

Nitro Circus - Australia 2018