Just Days Away – Nitro World Games News Round-Up

June 17, 2017

If you just glance at it, Nitro World Games and Nitro Circus look like nothing but wall-to-wall action. And that’s true, it turns out. But behind that action, there’s a lot more going on. The biggest tricks that anyone’s ever seen are amazing on their own, but they get even better when you start to learn about the actual human beings who have worked their entire lives to be able to do what these athletes do. As we write this, we’re one week away from the 2017 NWG, and we’ve got a lot more stories to tell in the next seven days. Thanks for joining us. We hope you’re ready, because if this ride is a roller coaster, we’re about to crest the top of that first drop. Hang on. The Nitro World Games are Saturday, June 24, in Salt Lake City. Be there in person. Watch on NBC at 8 ET / 7 CT / 8 PT. Watch live online at NitroWorldGames.Live. And get caught up on the stories below.

Asher Bradshaw - Nitro World Games

Everything you need to know about NWG. Get in the mood for June 24 with this handy guide, which includes how to watch, when to watch, and why to watch. Then check out the next few entries for the who. GET READY

This veteran is always ready to send it. Andy Macdonald has been skating longer than several of his competitors have been alive. Bonus: Check him out riding his skateboard on the BMX Triple Hit setup. MORE ON MACDONALD

His first skateboard had Spider-Man on it. CJ Titus got a Walmart Spider-Man board from his Aunt Tammy as a gift when he was 4. He rides something slightly different these days. MORE ON TITUS

Persistence pays off. Scooter wunderkind Jamie Hull messaged us on Facebook many times asking about qualifiers after the 2016 NWG. Now he’s headed to Salt Lake City. MORE ON HULL

They call him Meticulous Marcus. Or they should. Marcus Christopher has put in the time to have a big showing in BMX Triple Hit next week. MORE ON CHRISTOPHER

We’ve said it before. Beaver Fleming just lives life right — his focus on enjoying every moment could be the secret to a huge showing in Skate Best Tricks this year. MORE ON FLEMING

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