Loupos Tops Podium at BMX Triple Challenge Stop 2

January 29, 2018

Brandon Loupos brought home the win in the second stop of the 2018 BMX Triple Challenge, which went down this weekend in Glendale, Arizona. David Godziek took second and Logan Martin rounded out the field. Irek Rizaev scored best trick with a beautiful 360 tailwhip barspin to down whip. Godziek is on an impressive run in 2018, with a win in the first stop of the Triple Challenge earlier this month. The three-stop competition is as simple as it is awesome — the setup is two massive dirt jumps, and whoever strings together the best back-to-back tricks takes home the money.  The third and final stop of the competition is set for Arlington, Texas, on Feb. 16. Check some highlights from a few of the winners in Glendale: