Mic’d Up, MTB 1440, and R-Willy, Naturally – WildWeek

September 8, 2017

We just Googled it and found zero results for “dad body backflip,” which is a shame for several reasons, not the least of which is that it highlights the fact that we haven’t come up with an original pun since TV shows were only available on the actual TV. Which reminds us: Did you know that Facebook is making shows now? And did you also know that one of those shows is a Nitro Circus original series called Mic’d Up (simple premise: stick a mic on the boys during Nitro shows and let the funny fly)? And did you know you can go watch it right now? Did you also know that if you like the Mic’d Up Facebook page you will be fed new episodes of the show every week? So you should go do that, and we’ll stop asking questions. OK, one more question: What would a dad body backflip even be? Exciting times.

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Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Annapolis show gets a D.C. feature. It’s in a magazine called The Washingtonian, which sounds way too high-brow to be focusing on us. Either that or we’ve finally made it. TP199 for president? PERUSE  IT

R-Willy documents World Firsts and near-disasters. AKA just another work day at Nitro. Come for the debut tricks, stay for the contraption horror show. We have a feeling Ethen Roberts and Dusty Wygle are going to wake up in a cold sweat a few times over what we’re hoping becomes known as penny-farthing-gate.  WATCH IT

Woodward Way South. The future-freestyle-star incubator set up shop at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya near Play del Carmen, Mexico. It will almost certainly be in the Top 5 raddest action sports camps the Yucatan Peninsula has ever seen. Maybe even Top 3. BOOK IT

Is “sports” the wrong noun for action sports? In his weekly column, Nitro MC Micah Kranz explains why he’s not loving the phrase “action sports,” particularly when it applies to BMX. If that doesn’t get you riled, he also takes a swipe at baseball. Ooooooooh, let’s get him! TO THE COMMENTS!

It’s a little early to think about snowboard season. Unless you looooove making those fresh tracks on a cold winter morning. Several reliable outlets are already predicting a banger winter for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and TransWorld Snowboarding wasn’t ashamed this week to release a handy guide for getting your stance just so. They might be biased, but we’re all about it. SHRED IT




A sneak peek at next week: Next week? We don’t even know what we’re having for lunch today …

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