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July 21, 2017

Coming up with new tricks for the Nitro Crew is fun. Everyone should have a crack at it. For us, it’s like writing a check with other people’s money, since the ideas are intended for the Nitro Riders to perform, not the Nitro Writers. It’s only a matter of time before we introduce a great white shark into the mix. For those who don’t feel like clicking: Michael Phelps is going to race a shark, and because Shark Week cannot jump itself, we’ll all probably watch. We digress. The point is, there’s definitely a writer behind that idea, not an Olympic swimmer. Last week we brought you an idea for a new wakeboarding trick. This week we’re leaving the water and opting for another element, with a skateboard trick from our own Chris Cowan, aka Freestyle Moto Chris. Beaver Fleming is bringing some serious creative mojo to skateboard, stirring ideas borrowed from FMX and other disciplines into the bowl. But why stop at action sports? He should borrow from other hot properties, like Game of Thrones. The hit HBO show is back. Everyone is all about it. To usher in the new season, we think Beaver should wield the Board of Light. The trick is a Christ air bowl flyout but with a flaming skateboard, in honor of Beric Dondarrion, that flaming sword guy. (Ed. Note: This trick has not been sanctioned by Beaver Fleming, the Nitro Pyro team, or the local fire department.)



Rally events are the Game of Thrones of racing. They’re gritty, full of twists and turns, feature many colorful characters, and are more fun to watch if you keep up with the whole story. Oh, and much of the action takes place in the woods. So we’ll try to catch you up. Travis Pastrana’s victory at the Mount Washington Hillclimb was incredible, but it was not a formal part of the ARA Championship series, which is a six-round event. The next official ARA race is this weekend at the New England Forest Rally, with Travis again facing teammate and rival David Higgins, who’s ahead in total points. This is the fifth round, and we can’t wait to see if Tyrion ends up in charge of everything. BINGE IT

When movie buffs and BMX stars meet. Action sports videographer and photographer Hadrien Picard — movie geek and lover of BMX — is clearly a fan of the long shot. In the latest edit in his series Lined Up, Picard captures BMX rider Courage Adams’ creative line through Madrid. Come for the BMX, stay for the Serrano ham. WATCH IT

Annapolis is like Westeros and Travis is our Khaleesi. OK, last GoT reference for this week. Probably. We are headed to Annapolis, Maryland, this weekend for Travis’ first-ever hometown show. Can you believe it almost didn’t happen? Since we just promised no more GoT references, how about this: Imagine if Memphis had banned Elvis from performing in his hometown, but then reversed the decision and the show was this weekend. Goosebumps, right? And what if Elvis brought dragons with him when he came back! Oops. SHIP IT

We were not paid to link to this Kickstarter campaign for a new drone. We just love the video edits we get from our athletes and our media team. The Nitro Crew and their documented adventures fuel so much of what the Nitro Writers get to cover, so we have serious skin in the game when it comes to amazing new waterproof and highly wind-resistant drones and other cameras. It honestly doesn’t really matter what gear they use, we just live for the results, and we have a feeling you do too. SHOOT IT

The Onion, as ever, is almost too close to reality. Nitro stalwart Nate Adams and Travis are name-checked in The Onion’s amazing write-up on the X Games. We aren’t going to attempt to be witty before sending you off to read the masters, so we’ll just get out of the way. READ IT


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A sneak peek at next week: Not only are we doing our first Annapolis show on Sunday, filming for Action Figures 2 is happening all next week at Pastranaland. Stay tuned!

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