New Nitro Circus Series ‘Mic’d Up’ Launches on Facebook

September 1, 2017

Nitro Circus and Facebook are pumped to bring you Mic’d Up, a new original series debuting as part of Facebook’s move into original programming. Mic’d Up takes you inside the helmet of your favorite Nitro Circus athletes during our live shows. This is one of the most fun shows we’ve done, especially for those of us who have always wondered what world-class athletes are thinking while they’re attempting those huge tricks. Mic’d Up is exactly what it sounds like: We stick a microphone on our riders and then let them do their thing. Athletes featured in Season 1 include Travis Pastrana, Ryan Williams, Dusty Wygle, Ethen Roberts, and many more. New episodes drop every Friday, so click here to check it out, and like the Mic’d Up Facebook page to be notified when new episodes are released! See below for episode descriptions.

Nitro Circus Mic'd Up on Facebook Watch with Travis Pastrana

Mic’d Up Episode 1
Go inside the helmet with live audio from BMX/scooter superstar Ryan Williams and FMX legend Levi Sherwood as they’re Mic’d Up while performing the nuttiest tricks in action sports.

Mic’d Up Episode 2
The legendary Travis Pastrana is Mic’d Up for his first-ever hometown show, along with the always unpredictable Trevor Piranha.

Mic’d Up Episode 3
Ethen Roberts rides the stuff other stunt performers won’t touch. Get to know what goes through his mind as he’s Mic’d Up during a show in Japan.

Mic’d Up Episode 4
It’s all moto on this episode of Mic’d Up, as we get inside the helmets of Beau Bamburg, Taka Higashino, and Adam Jones as they perform the biggest tricks in FMX.

Mic’d Up Episode 5
Hear what goes through the minds of freestyle superstars Dusty Wygle, Jed Mildon, and Todd Meyn as they’re Mic’d Up while riding the 40-foot-tall Giganta ramp on BMX, MTB, and several contraptions that weren’t meant to jump!

Check it out right now, and then come back every Friday for more!