New R-Willy Video Has POV tricks, Contraptions, and More

April 26, 2017

Ryan Williams’ latest edit truly has it all. We never tire of his unscripted trips to local skateparks, but this edit is so much more. The scooter and BMX icon takes us 50 feet up to the top of the Giganta ramp to watch the Nitro Crew drop in. We share so many photos and clips of crazy BMX or FMX tricks; it is easy to forget all the other assorted contraptions we send down the ramp. Athletes like Jed Mildon look supremely confident on BMX, vehicles they trust, but they’re actually at their most courageous when they’re on a hospital gurney, a lounge chair, or a kayak. With more POV footage from the show, it’s truly the next best thing to being in the crowd watching the show in person. Or, better yet, hanging out with the man himself. For those who feel the next Nitro Circus tour can’t come quite soon enough, check out this clip:


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