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August 11, 2017

So you’re looking for the perfect Nitro T-shirt? Well, we’re excited to announce that on Monday, Aug. 14, the Nitro Circus online store will be back with all-new designs and our first-ever line inspired by Travis Pastrana. If you’ve always wanted to rep the 199, Pastranaland, or a genuine Pastrana riding jersey, your chance has arrived. Sign up here to be notified the moment you can check them out and grab one for yourself. Beyond the TP199 line, you can expect a slew of new Nitro T-shirt and hat designs that you’ve never seen before, and a commitment from us to continue to grow and add merchandise to give you a wide selection of Nitro approved gear for any occasion. Bottom line: We’re excited. You should be too. See you there on Monday!

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REMINDER: We’re on tour in the U.S. this very second. With a lucky 13 stops left on the 2017 U.S. tour, there’s a fair chance we’ll be swinging by a city near you between now and the end of September. Most of the shows will be in cities we’ve never performed in, because we take it very seriously when you message us asking why we’ve never been to your town. We’re looking at you, Medford, Oregon. CHECK IT

Mammoth Mountain just had their second-longest season ever. While much of California is on the hunt for new sources of water, Mammoth Mountain has been saving up a steady supply of the frozen version deep into August. Normally, the last ski day of the year ushers in the beginning of summer. This year, it arrives just as fall is on the horizon. We don’t have too long of a wait to get back on the slopes. Mammoth is set to reopen in November. CALENDAR IT

The craziest race in the Enduro World Series in MTB is this weekend. Nitro MTB star Dusty Wygle is stoked, but we feel a little sorry for the athletes competing. The Canadian Open Enduro is round 7 of 8 of the Enduro World Series MTB competition and widely viewed to be the toughest in the series. Hosted at Crankworx Whistler in British Columbia, the race is in five stages over nine hours and is renowned for separating the pros from the weekend warriors. Stage 1 kicks off on Sunday. CARB UP

Is there anything Travis won’t race? Travis Pastrana is set to drive the Vegas to Reno Off-Road Polaris RZR Star Car race, which sounds like something someone came up with in a fever dream at Studio 54. But it’s real, we checked. Jolene Van Vugt can confirm, as she has participated in the race before and will be competing again this year. The race is the longest of its kind in America at 550 miles. It kicks off Aug. 18. RACE IT

This GQ article on the diet of a BMX athlete is inspirational for future BMX foodies. Queens BMX star and Forbes Top 30 under 30 Nigel Sylvester proves that maybe not every athletic discipline requires a particular diet. It’s a good read for restaurant recommendations on either coast, but you will not land a backflip on the back of lobster taco from Escuela Taqueria, folks, no matter how good they are. READ IT


Here's the video of my crash yesterday. For how bad it was it was pretty good. I'm home and resting. Thanks for all the messages. I have to make a statement here. I landed head first. Didn't black out didn't see stars didn't ring my bell. All because of the quality of the helmet I had. This could've been so much worst. My #bellmoto9flex probably saved my life or forma bigger injury. Guys. Don't spend money on graphics and bling for your bike if you haven't got your self the best helmet. #priorities #bellmoto #bellhelmets #frontflipfail #frontflip #fmxfail @rockstarenergy @canvas_mx @fitzarmyfmx @theactionvillage @bell_powersport @dragon_motorsports @alpinestars @fisthandwear @newartgraficas. @az_fmx_works @fmf73 @no_toil @nostsuspension @nithrone @ridedunlop @matrixconcepts @cyclopsgear @supersproxusa

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A sneak peek at next week: The Nitro Shop is back with all new designs, including a new Travis Pastrana signature line! Sign up here to be notified when it opens.

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