Qualifier Kick-Off and South Africa Bound – WildWeek

May 12, 2017

Advice of the week: Many of you look at the Nitro Crew and wonder how you can be them. Some of you message us on Facebook or send us emails and literally just ask: How do I be you? Well, we’re the Nitro Writers, as opposed to the Nitro Riders (but it sounds the same when you say it fast, which has helped out our social lives quite a bit), so we can’t really help you become a world-class action sports athlete. But if you want to live like a Nitro Writer, you should mainly concern yourself with being on the internet a lot and being concerned about words and punctuation. Glamorous! The other cool thing is that we get to spend time covering the Nitro Crew, and when Nitro World Games rolls around, a ton of other legendary action sports athletes as well. Speaking of, we’ll be covering the NWG qualifiers live from Southern California next week, so stay tuned to our social channels and right here (links all the way at the bottom). Now, on to this week’s list of fame and shame:

Top of the drop - Nitro World Games

Nitro World Games qualifiers are going to be legit. There’s no way around it. Qualifiers for this year’s Nitro World Games are about to go down, and it’s going to rival last year for sure. Practice alone has been some of the most intense riding we’ve ever seen, and we have seen a bit of riding in our day. Get a look at some highlights from practice (including some World Firsts, of course) as an appetizer for live coverage on our social channels next week. SEE THEM

Nitro stars lend a helping hand to flood victims. When Nitro Circus stopped by Lismore, New South Wales, Todd Meyn, Jed Mildon, and Andy Buckworth saw first-hand the effects of the recent floods and decided to chip in with the relief effort. Jed even discovered a new way to dispose of living room furniture. You know, other than riding it down the Giganta ramp. READ IT

Travis Pastrana is officially NASTrucking. Travis Pastrana is heading to Las Vegas to compete in the Camping World Truck Series. To thank his sponsors and fans, he dropped a magnificent edit with something for almost everyone with guns, coffee, BASE jumping, and donuts. USA! USA! USA! WATCH IT

We’re wheelie excited about National Bike Month. May is National Bike Month, which is something we can get behind, even though technically every month is bike month at Nitro. We’ll take any excuse to celebrate this beautiful innovation of transportation, exercise, and freestyle artistry. And the fact that there are about as many ways to ride a bike as there are reasons. It’s fun and almost always healthy, unless you’re planning to backflip quad whip it over a 40-foot gap, of course. CELEBRATE IT

South Africa is amazing. And we are headed back there this year. The first time we visited this awesome country it left such an impression on the Crew that many of them still list it as their favorite tour. The biggest show we’ve ever done went down in Johannesburg. Hit this link for the cities and dates, and come reminisce about the last time we were there. FLASHBACK TO IT

“You said there’d be Sunshine Coast Hometown Hero Highlights from R-Willy.” Yes we did:



When paddleboarding turns extreme. You know that moment when your sense of balance becomes tied directly to your chances of being eaten? An Orange County Coast Guard helicopter had to warn paddleboaders off the coast of Southern California that they were surrounded by 15 great white sharks. The presence of the apex predators isn’t usually considered a sufficient threat to close the beaches, but the pilot wisely invoked the “15 freaking sharks” rule and advised the paddleboarders to make their way to shore. SEE IT

Wish we’d thought of it: Brad O’Neal demonstrates once and for all that two wrongs can make a right.

@braddders2 you have a screw loose mate!!! Don't try this at home kids!!!

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It’s a repost bonanza: The Mad Hueys were up for a surf but ended up getting turfed.

"Come fishing with us, it will be fun" Good times boys @themadhueys 😂😂😂😂 #ShitCaption ⚓️

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A sneak peek at next week: The Nitro World Games qualifiers are Monday through Thursday, so keep an eye on the Nitro Facebook and Instagram, as well as the NWG Facebook and Instagram and for live coverage!