R-Willy, Allegedly Taking It Easy Before Nitro World Games, Has Close Call on Rollerblades

June 8, 2017

According to many, Ryan “R-Willy” Williams is the man to watch at this year’s Nitro World Games. In the weeks leading up to the June 24th main event, it’s only natural for riders to want to prep for the competition and to take it easy and maybe take fewer risks to avoid an injury that keeps them from competing. R-Willy’s latest edit starts with him acknowledging the big event is around the corner and that his mind is on keeping healthy and fit. Sure, he still had the final show of the Australia tour to perform, but he could hardly be faulted for wanting to stick to the script and send his regular (yet superhuman) tricks. Instead, R-Willy nearly injures his elbow at a local skatepark, and later during practice before the show, he comes dangerously close to dying on Giganta attempting to drop in on rollerblades. Proof that we’re not out of the woods yet? He had the time of his life and will probably try it again. Would someone please wrap him in Nerf until June 24th? Don’t miss the rest of the edit, which features tricks from Andy Buckworth, a Nitro BMX train, and POV shots of some of R-Willy’s biggest tricks. Check it out:


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