R-Willy and Jordan Clark Make a Special Appearance at the All-In Skatepark

August 4, 2017

Scooter game-changers Ryan “R-Willy” Williams and two time world champion Jordan Clark made a special appearance at the All-In Action Sports Performance Week at the All-In Store and Skatepark in Ontario, Canada. It’s always inspiring for young riders to get a chance to ride with their action sports heroes, and it appears that the presence of the action-sports legends inspired everyone to progress, even dads. With R-Willy’s help and encouragement, local 43 year old scooter dad, Jason Zimmerman became what may be the oldest person to land a backflip on scooter. He first attempted it to foam before he stepped up and landed it on resi. Check it out:

R-Willy didn’t limit himself to mentoring local dads in scooter. In an edit dropped on Jordan’s social media, the scooter rider-turned-BMX-champion can be seen giving pointers to Jordan on BMX as well, a development sure to concern BMX riders everywhere:

Of course, R-Willy and Jordan took some time to send some sick tricks themselves:


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