R-Willy Attempts a New World First for Brett Banasiewicz

August 10, 2017

Nitro riders progress in leaps and bounds throughout the touring season. They challenge each other during practice before the shows and egg each other on at the top of the ramp. It doesn’t always result in a new World First, but it always results in an awesome show. It’s true that the riders don’t land everything they try the first time, but no matter what, a big moment can happen at any of our shows. Check out Catfish’s expression when Ryan “R-Willy” Williams called an audible at the top of the ramp in Indianapolis and announced he was going to attempt a frontflip back bikeflip:

R-Willy surprises Catfish at Nitro Circus Indianapolis

Snowboard/BMX star Brandon Schmidt came up with the idea for the trick. But R-Willy was inspired to try it in honor of South Bend, Indiana, BMX star Brett Banasiewicz. Brett has made multiple X Games appearances and was the first rider to stick a 540 flair on BMX on a standard quarter, inspiring a younger R-Willy to attempt it on scooter. There’s definitely more to see in R-Willy’s edit of the Indianapolis show, with plenty of POV shots of BMX and scooter tricks. Check it out:


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