R-Willy Captures One of the Biggest Live Shows in Nitro History

September 12, 2017

Question: How can you tell when something huge is going to happen at a specific Nitro Circus Live show? Answer: The show has started. We’re not too modest to admit that the very nature of our show means that every night something major and exciting happens. But then there are those shows where it seems like every single segment goes perfectly and features something new and different, where you have to start counting the firsts on your toes because you’re out of fingers. The best, most recent example of this was last week in Midland, Texas. Ryan Williams attempted two World Firsts and landed one of them. James Foster laid down his first-ever quad whip (and a perfect triple backflip as well), earning him the MVC. Brandon Schmidt had a perfect show, including sticking a triple on his rollerboard, one of the toughest tricks in the show. And in a Nitro Circus first, according to the Crew, West Texas got to experience a perfect contraptions segment — meaning all the sketchiest stuff we do went off perfectly (anchored by Schmidty’s triple on the rollerboard). Granted, a perfect contraptions segment may be slightly less fun for the audience, since wipeouts are entertaining, but the boys were stoked to check this one off the list. Luckily, as ever, R-Willy was filming the whole time and documented the magic. Check it out:

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