R-Willy Gifts the World Web Edit III

June 28, 2017

If you’re feeling a ripple in space-time, you aren’t alone. Nitro World Games scooter and BMX champion Ryan “R-Willy” Williams dropped his highly anticipated Web Edit III this week, the culmination of five years of breakneck progression in both disciplines, setting the action sports world on fire. The multi-threat icon may be one of the most prolific bloggers in the Nitro Crew, but don’t mistake this edit with the ones he typically shares on his social channels. The last Web Edit dropped five years ago and was, in R-Willy’s eyes, a major turning point in his career, helping him win a role with Nitro Circus. Five years on, we see a rider in full command of two action sports disciplines with an unbelievably large arsenal of unique tricks. If we sound breathless here, it’s because we unashamedly are. Fans that have watched scooter riders maligned in the comments section should have a look at what they’re saying about this video, because the page has been turned. Watch it, like it, replay it, share it:


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