R-Willy Returns to Caloundra Skatepark With a Swarm of Local Riders

October 6, 2017

Ryan Williams celebrated his return to his local skatepark this week with a new edit. Throughout the tour this year, we’ve seen him at skateparks for unscripted sessions with local riders. We guess the word got out, because the ranks of local riders have swelled considerably since he first started filming these. R-Willy was greeted by legions of young scooter riders hoping for an autograph, which he obliged. After a good session mentoring riders, R-Willy headed to another skatepark to do some riding himself. Scooter fans are going to love the mini-competition between R-Willy and his friends to stick increasingly elaborate rail-grind combos. If you pay close attention, see if you can spot scooter world champion Jordan Clark.

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