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R-Willy Breaks Out the Heelys, and Naturally Scooter Combos Follow

May 15, 2017

Ryan “R-Willy” Williams is known as a multi-threat athlete in scooter and BMX, and lately he’s also getting the reputation of being game to try anything with wheels. For example, we’ve seen him perform a backflip on a mini-scooter of his own creation. He even took it on the Giganta ramp. It seems that, however silly the contraption, he’ll eventually try to incorporate it in a serious trick. In his latest edit, it’s a pair of Heelys — the roller shoes. Yes, the ones that are rarely worn by adults. While we’re unsure of the future for the roller shoe as an action sport, R-Willy somehow manages to put a few tricks together, including some crazy scooter combos. Check it out:


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