R-Willy’s Take: A Night of World Firsts and Contraption Craziness

September 5, 2017

We’re stampeding toward the finale of our 2017 North America tour, bringing a bit of extra Wild to the Wild West. There are only five shows left, so if you live on the West Coast, you may want to hit this link and lock down some tickets. Here’s an example of why you should do that: In Grand Junction, Colorado, last week it got real with Ryan Williams landing two huge scooter World Firsts: a cashroll double whip to rewind and a 720 frontflip turndown, back to back during the show. And he got started even earlier in the day with a personal first: the World First “R-Willy tries a high dive.” You’ve got to see it to believe it (which you can, below).

Despite all that, Josh Roberts walked away with the MVC in Grand Junction. How’s that? In a show where R-Willy landed two never-been-done-before tricks, it takes some serious sketch to earn the MVC. Josh delivered in contraptions. He almost rode off the stair side of Giganta on the always-sketchy penny farthing and somehow kept his composure enough to correct, send it, and stick the landing. Then he went for a double backflip on the roller skis, lost a ski mid-flip, but was committed enough to try to get there. He landed on his visor, which is just a sliiiight under-rotation. Luckily, R-Willy was there to document all of this, so check it out:

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