R-Willy Talks Upcoming Nitro Circus Video Game

March 27, 2017

Nitro Circus and Saber Interactive are partnering to produce the first official Nitro Circus video game, set for a 2018 release. Fans have been asking us about a video game for a long time, and for good reason. What the Crew does on a daily basis is practically a video game come to life. So why have we waited until now? Well, frankly, as much fun as we have, we take action sports very, very seriously, and so we wanted to hold out to ensure we partnered with the right developers to create a Nitro game worthy of our passion for what we do. We believe we’ve found that in Saber Interactive, and we can’t wait to bring you the Nitro video game. This game is destined to be a pure Nitro Circus experience, as members of the Crew like Travis Pastrana and scooter and BMX phenom Ryan Williams have been involved in its development from Day 1.

Saber Interactive recently released MX Nitro, a freestyle motocross game that looks like tons of fun, though it’s not affiliated with us. So R-Willy, who somehow makes time to be a serious gamer when he’s not landing World Firsts, sat down and played MX Nitro. In the video below, he gives us a look at that game and talks a lot about the input he’s adding to the development of the upcoming Nitro Circus game. Check it out: