R-Willy Builds and Backflips the World’s Smallest Scooter

March 31, 2017

Multi-threat Nitro Circus star Ryan Williams, not content with just the huge tricks he’s sticking on anything and everything he tries, has taken to building new contraptions of his own: a mini scooter to rule all mini scooters. His invention is designed to look identical to the scooter he takes on tour — but on a scale so small, he’s barely able to put both feet on the deck. The rule here is, if you build it, you have to flip it. Surprising no one, he manages to stick a couple advanced tricks — possibly the strangest World Firsts he’s ever done. Watch the man who can land anything on anything put his new mini scooter through its paces at his home skatepark in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast. And for those curious how he built it, scroll down to the second video for the complete DIY:

Check out his DIY here:


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