Ryan Williams Rode With the Yasutoko Brothers in Japan

March 13, 2017

On a side trip during our recent tour of Japan, Ryan Williams got his chance to meet and ride with two legends at their home skatepark: brothers Takeshi and Eito Yasutoko. Takeshi and Eito have dominated the aggressive inline skating world for almost 20 years, with as many as 20 gold medals between them. R-Willy, clearly a little starstruck, wanted to throw a huge trick to impress them. But Eito preferred to see R-Willy strap on some rollerblades. Surprising no one, but potentially unnerving inline pros everywhere, R-Willy is not half bad in boots. He stuck his first-ever inline fakie frontflip in two tries, proving once and for all that no action sport is safe. Check out the full edit:

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