Ryan Williams, Todd Meyn, and Kurtis Downs Hit Megaranch

April 16, 2018

BMX legends Ryan Williams, Todd Meyn, and Kurtis Downs got to take an awesome side trip during the current Australia tour. The Megaranch is a world-class big-air setup intended for Aussies to train for the major freestyle events. Peter Wilson, the man behind the ranch, is a golf pro who’s also big into action sports, and his idea for combining golf and freestyle was initially intended to bring some youth to the golf scene. For our part, riding this ramp is awesome for R-Willy, who is still hoping for an X Games opportunity; Kurtis, who is fresh off his first X Games appearance and first X Games medal; and Todd, who is getting some solid reps on this setup for the first time. Check out some video here and a gallery below: