Spend a Minute Inside Josh Sheehan’s Head During a Show

May 18, 2017

What is it really like to be a Nitro Circus rider? It’s what we’re all wondering, isn’t it? It turns out the answer has been here all along. The BMX, scooter, and skateboard riders have dropped edit after edit of unscripted, loose skatepark sessions throughout the tour. They’ve given us special access to the life of the touring rider, whether it’s kicking it between shows, or hanging out ramp-side watching each other send it. The FMX squad has been honing the art of the POV clip, a different type of immersive experience to be sure, but one that brings us closer to answering the question: What’s it actually like? Who better than FMX Unicorn Josh Sheehan himself to show us? In his latest edit, Sheeny shares a full minute riding a Nitro show from his POV that looks like a cool blend of an EA Sports video game and a first-person shooter. Watch it:


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