Spotted: 10-Year-Old Videos of a Young R-Willy

January 2, 2017

One of the questions we get a lot around here is: What does a burgeoning action sports athlete need to do to become a professional? Our answer is always the same: It takes dedication and practice, combined with a bit of natural ability and a sprinkle of luck. Now we have a bit of living proof. Recently multi-threat Crew member Ryan Williams put out a YouTube video in which he revealed that he still has a live MySpace account that features decade-old videos of him riding scooter — so he’d be about 12 in the videos. Check out some screen grabs and click the small photos for bigger versions:


What we see in the actual clips (click here to watch them) is a pre-teen who totally rips. R-Willy tells us that a couple of these clips take place in the first skatepark he ever rode, down the street from his childhood home. For those aspiring athletes out there, you might look at this and see a fully formed rider on the road to becoming the R-Willy we know today. But consider the bigger picture. He’s been riding for more than half his life to get to where he is. Undeniably, he has innate skills, but the way he dedicates himself to his disciplines for years to keep progressing is such a huge part of becoming the best he can be. That’s something we can all do, whatever it is we’re passionate about.

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