The Nitro Crew Is Stoked to Kick Off the 2018 Touring Season

March 9, 2018

Nitro Circus Assemble! The long wait is over. The 2018 Next Level Tour of Australia is kicking off in Canberra this weekend, and the Crew is stoked. In the months since our last tour, we’ve watched the Crew shred BMX, skate, snow bike and FMX competition, invent new tricks (and contraptions) in local skateparks, and kick it on crazy side trips. Idle hands, indeed. Riders are coming from all over the globe and descending on Australia’s capital city. It’s a reunion of close friends, fire team partners, and fellow travelers on the road to progression. We can’t fault them for being excited to be together again. Come show time, they will definitely get serious (but not too serious). We’re touring the biggest and baddest ramps in the world with a 60-foot Giganta Ramp and, for the first time ever, the FMX Best Trick ramp used in the Nitro World Games. The tour is going to be huge, with measurably bigger ramps and tricks. The Nitro Crew is pumped and, looking at the new ramps, a little scared. Here’s a small preview of the craziness to come (and click here to see where else we’re headed in 2018):