The Original Nitro Circus TV Show, and 9 Other Things You Missed This Week

October 20, 2017

Over the years our fanbase has grown in every direction, due largely to our ability to connect with more of you over the internet. It’s pretty great to see so many different types of people following our shenanigans. We haven’t forgot about you OG fans, though. We know there’s a big chunk of you who started keeping tabs on us back when we had a show on MTV and have stuck around for all the fun since. You’re the ones who get the inside jokes, follow members of the original Nitro Crew, and ask us all the time where you can watch the TV show for free online. Well, the answer to that last question is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. We’re releasing every episode of the original show on Facebook and Daily Motion over the next several months. Episodes will be broken down and released Thursday-Sunday until we run out. Just to be clear: This is excellent news for long-time fans and new fans alike. We’re taking you back to our roots, whether it’s to experience it all again or to witness it for the first time. What could be better? And if that’s not enough stuff to check out, these things also happened:

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Watch the whole Polaris Invitational series here!


HOLY SK8: Worship at the alter of awesome in this converted 1800s church

NO TIME LEFT: Need a Halloween costume? Here’s how you can dress as Travis Pastrana

600 TRIES: R-Willy doesn’t know the meaning of the words “give up”

VICKI VICTORIOUS: The first woman to compete in FMX at the X Games rides for Nitro now. Meet Vicki Golden

JOKE OFF: Travis and the gang see who’s the best-worst joke teller

PHOTO DUMP: Micah Visits a BMX boneyard in Portland



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A sneak peek at next week: Having so much fun in South Africa.

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