Todd Meyn Is on Fire in New Zealand

February 4, 2017

Sometimes when a new tour starts, especially the first tour of the year, it takes a show or two for the athletes to get back fully into the groove, but by all accounts Nitro’s first tour of 2017 is going smooth as ever. That’s especially true for BMX artist Todd Meyn, who started the tour off by volunteering to be the first to test the ramp despite strong winds in Palmerston North, followed that up by winning the MVC in Whangarei, and is now on his way to sticking a trick that up to this point only one rider has ever landed. And we’re only a week in. Through it all he’s been a one-man documentary crew, giving us all a glimpse inside the world of the Nitro tour.

Always such an honour to win MVC. Thankyou Whangarei for having us . #nitrocircus

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The trick he’s working on is the nothing front bike flip, which Ryan Williams landed first and no one else has duplicated. Now Todd and fellow BMX all-star Jaie Toohey are getting personal coaching on the trick from R-Willy. “I still have a long way to go, but I’m determined to get it done,” Todd says. “Whether it’s in a month or a year, or even two. I will keep trying ’til I figure it out.”

As we mentioned before, Todd’s training on the bike flip started out with going through the motion and timing on solid ground before he took it to the ramp. He says R-Willy is a great teacher, which is good since he’s the only one who actually could teach someone how to do this. “I’ve always been in awe about this trick that Ryan does and have always given him such a huge amount of respect for it, but that level of respect has gone up another few notches. Ryan is really a genius on these insane unique tricks that he does,” Todd says. As luck would have it, during a break from performing in New Zealand, Todd and a bunch of the Crew spent the day in someone’s backyard, and it wasn’t just any backyard: It happened to have an air bag and a ramp equivalent to what the Nitro athletes ride in the live show. Todd got a chance to try the bike flip into the bag. Check it out (he makes his attempts at about 4:45 in, but you’re gonna want to watch the whole video unless you suffer from chronic fear of missing out):

As you can see, he’s getting close. He says that Toohey is also very close. Todd describes the adjustments he needs to make: “The hardest thing about this trick is getting the flick of the wrists off the takeoff to get the bike to spin around and stay close to your body,” he says. “I’ve got the flick figured out, but keeping the bike close is the next task.” Stay tuned as we follow Todd and Toohey’s progress on the road to landing the elusive trick.

Todd and the Nitro BMX cohort are also spending loads of time at the park between shows, giving the locals a bit of a free show and having a great time. If you follow Todd’s Instagram and YouTube closely, it’s the next best thing to being there with him. He’s got tons of footage and photos from the first week of tour, with plenty more to come. Here’s a taste:

Synchronising BMX with my good mate @mattwhyatt What else should we synchronise !?

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Double front flip no hander from Whangarei ! #nitrocircus

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