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Todd Meyn’s Modified Game of BMX

March 14, 2017

Todd Meyn, fresh off of huge shows in New Zealand and Japan, stopped by his home in North Carolina for a few days before heading back out on the road to Australia, and we’ve got a new clip from him that shows us how he keeps his practice sessions fun between tours. Todd and his friend Josh Perry played a modified game of BIKE (which they eventually decided to shorten to BMX because they’re so good that it was taking too long). “We played a game of BMX but changed it up a little bit to make it a little more interesting,” Todd says. For those wondering about the location, he tells us it’s another friend’s skatepark: Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex, or DDASC if you’re in a hurry. You’ll often see clips of Todd riding there, as it’s one of the places he rides most — when he’s not on the road with Nitro, obviously. As for this clip: “It was the last ride I had before coming here to Aussie for this tour,” Todd says. Check out the video:

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