Travis’ Big Week: Hometown Hero and Rally Win – WildWeek

July 28, 2017

This was the week for Travis Pastrana. For a guy who’s built a nice life being the best at things most of us only get to do on weekends, that’s saying something. But this week, Travis won another rally, rode his first-ever hometown Nitro Circus show (despite some weather-related setbacks), and gathered more than a dozen of the best action sports athletes in the world at his house to start filming Action Figures 2, the sequel to one of the greatest action sports movies in the last five years, if not ever. Action Figures 2 is going to be to Action Figures what the FMX double backflip was to single backflips. Progression made tangible. A game-changer for fans and riders alike. The signal that things just got realer than real. Over the coming weeks and months, news will start to trickle out into the action sports community about what’s been going down just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. But you aren’t going to fully appreciate it until you see it for yourself. Luckily, that’s not a matter of if, just when. The quote of the weekend came from Ryan Williams (if we’re remembering correctly), and forgive us for having to paraphrase, but the gist of it was: Travis is amazing not just for the things he’s accomplished himself, but because of the things he’s helped other athletes accomplish.



We lit Annapolis up. You can’t fault us for savoring a gentle “I told you so.” Travis Pastrana finally got the chance to bring the show he founded to his hometown and he didn’t disappoint. The Nitro Crew battled through tough weather to execute a perfect show in front of 22,000 fans, one of the largest crowds we’ve ever had in North America. It was a special occasion for the Nitro Crew that saw the return of some of Nitro’s tough old breed, like Streetbike Tommy, Special Greg Powell, Jim DeChamp, and Jolene Van Vugt. CELEBRATE IT

Helmets on: Action Figures 2 is coming. Pastranaland was once again turned into action sports’ own Area 51 this past week with freestyle legends converging on Travis’ home for some high-octane research and development. If your social feeds over the next few weeks are full of things flying in the air that shouldn’t be, it’s probably just us working on something for the sequel. Action Figures 2 is all about pushing progression to the next level — higher, bigger, crazier, and sillier. It’s going to be huge. GET STOKED

Travis Pastrana breaks his rally co-driver, wins the race anyway. Travis made his comeback from a 10-point deficit to SRTUSA teammate and rival David Higgins to win round five of the ARA Championship series. His co-driver Robbie Durrant suffered a compressed spine injury halfway into the race after a hitting a huge jump, but Travis somehow found a volunteer brave enough to replace him in Greg Dorman. Congrats on the win but Greg, a word of advice, next time you start a new job, make sure to ask what happened to the guy you’re replacing. READ IT

OK, so this could either be the opening scene to the next season of Fargo or True Detective, depending on where the story goes next. An Oklahoman man adjusting a dirtbike and ATV jump in his backyard discovered a low-mileage SUV complete with its original tires. The SUV belonged to the previous owner, who had reported it stolen. This is awesome. READ ON

There are amazing MTB racing events all over the place, but here’s the one you have to try before you die. The 2017 BC Bike Race has just concluded and we wish (like, a lot) we’d have been there. Widely considered to be among the world’s best MTB race, it starts in Vancouver and ends in Whistler Mountain Bike Park. British Columbia’s unparalleled terrain challenges riders and rewards them between stages with awesome views and incredible camping. Here’s to learning about amazing racing events before they start, rather than after they’re done for the rest of the year, right? RACE TO IT



A sneak peek at next week: Summer is flying past us and there’s too much going on to even predict what next week will bring. We’re going to put down some huge shows in Hamilton, Ontario and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Stay tuned!

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