Travis Pastrana’s ‘Action Figures 2’ Is Going to Be Phenomenal

July 26, 2017

Those of you who follow Nitro Circus on Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Snapchat — or if you follow any of the Nitro Crew — will have been deluged with nutty photos and videos coming from Travis Pastrana’s house this week, with references to the Polaris Invitational at Pastranaland and Action Figures 2 prominent in the captions. One thing is clear: Travis knows how to push progression, obviously, but few people really appreciate what that looks like behind the scenes.

Ryan Williams - Action Figures 2

This week, to kick off what’s sure to be an epic adventure making the sequel to a truly special action sports film, Travis invited athletes to spend a few days at his house competing in the first annual Polaris Invitational at Pastranaland, a park and big air (oh, and trampoline!) contest where the only rule is you have to absolutely send it to even come close to a prize. Ride whatever, do whatever, just make jaws drop. What Travis has set up is a genius way to encourage the best action sports athletes in the world to go huge and be creative, and they checked those boxes hard. A special shoutout to Polaris, Wienerschnitzel, and Andersen Hitches for making all this possible! Action Figures 2 is going to be off the rails, and we’re only into the first few days of filming. No major spoilers, but we’ll post a few of the riders’ pics and videos here to give you a taste, and stay tuned for more details. Keep an eye on social media for sneak peeks at the awesomeness! Also, catch up with the first Action Figures on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Vimeo on Demand, or Vudu.

Soooo apparently we are jumping these jumps tomorrow 🤔😛😛 #PastranaLand

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And one last sneak peek. Here’s Travis hucking it in the big air competition on a mountain bike: