Travis Pastrana Eyes Record OHV Jump for ‘Action Figures 2’

February 8, 2018

When it comes to Action Figures 2, Travis Pastrana and Crew are shooting for the moon. Among the epic plans in progress: A record off-highway vehicle distance jump in a SXS, set to take place at the White Knuckle Event in Huntsville, Tennessee, over Memorial Day weekend.


Details are under wraps at the moment, with several questions outstanding: Who will be attempting the jump? What’s the distance they’re targeting? It’s a SXS, so will there be a passenger? We’ll be keeping an eye out for answers to these questions as the date nears.

Filming for Action Figures 2 started last summer, and from what we’ve seen in person and in the tidbits that have come out on social media, the follow-up to Travis’ ode to old-school action sports edits is going to blur the lines between what’s possible and what could only happen in a video game. This film is going to be epic, and now us regular folks have a chance to see part of it happen live.

The White knuckle Event, sponsored by Brimstone, a proud partner of the Nitro Circus Next Level Tour of North America, is a three-day event celebrating all things awesome about OHVs. In addition to the record jump that Travis is cooking up, OHV fans will find 300 miles of trails, food, live music, prize giveaways, and more.