Travis Pastrana Is Headed to the ‘Big Buck’ Championships

November 1, 2016

Travis Pastrana is going to Austin, Texas, this weekend for yet another world championship competition, which won’t surprise most Nitro fans, since he’s an action sports legend who has more medals, trophies, and records than any mortal human should. But this weekend’s competition isn’t something you’ll be seeing as an event at the next Nitro World Games. This is the Big Buck World Championships. And it’s deadly serious.


Big Buck Hunter is a series of hunting arcade games that you’ll find in your finer drinking and dining establishments. The first one came out in 2000, and since then it’s spawned spinoffs and sequels and a legion of die-hard players who are among the most competitive people you’ll meet — sound like Nitro’s fearless leader, or what?

Right now, Travis is sitting at 46th on the World Championship leaderboard. But he has the advantage of experience. Not only has he competed at the highest level of action sports for decades, this is also not his first Big Buck World Championship. He’s been to a few, placing 12th in 2011 and 8th in 2010, right behind Streetbike Tommy, which has to sting a bit. Travis also has a Big Buck arcade game at home. Check out the video at this link, where Travis and Comb-Over Steve play at Pastranaland. For the inside story on Steve’s “I lost a bet” neck tattoo, click here (yes, it’s tangentially Big Buck-related). And here’s a video from the 2012 championship where Travis talks more about his love of Big Buck:

The ninth annual Big Buck World Championships will feature 64 competitors, all of whom qualified by scoring in the top tier for each of five national tournaments. By the way, this is just a game, but the grand prize is $20,000. Do you know how many rounds of Big Buck you could play with that kinda change? It’s all going down Nov. 4th and 5th, and you can watch it live on the Big Buck Twitch channel.

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