‘Action Figures 2’ Will Feature Travis Pastrana’s Biggest Trick Ever

November 21, 2017

Last week at his home in Maryland, Travis Pastrana landed an impossible trick. His exact words: It was “the biggest trick of my life.” And while we’re of course not going to show or tell what the trick was (because no spoilers), what we are going to do is show you some Insta posts from an epic week of filming at Pastranaland for Action Figures 2 (grab your DVD of the first Action Figures signed by Travis right here!), including some teasers for two of the biggest tricks that have ever been landed, period. Nitro Crew regulars were on hand for the mayhem, including Harry Bink, James Foster, Kurtis DownsDusty Wygle, Ethen Roberts, and Beaver Fleming. Vloggers extraordinaire Roman Atwood and Ross Smith even stopped by to get in on the action. As we mentioned before, Action Figures was TP’s homage to old-school action sports movies. AF2 promises to take that idea to a level no one could have imagined except Travis himself. Buckle up!

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To all of the amazing athletes who came to #pastranaland this week, worked your asses off moving, welding and building ramps and @bagjump only to risk life and limb in the name of fun and sheer passion to push action sports to the next level.. you all exceeded any of my wildest expectations. To my wife @lynzskate for always believing in me and supporting me to chase my dreams (even when they seem dangerous and unattainable to most) For allowing our home to be constantly full of people and for being the most amazing mom I had ever imagined one could be to our girls. For @nitrorednekhubert @el_neeeenyo @meandmychucks @jasonmveilleux @comboversteve @wesselbuilt and the entire #mdAteam for never hesitating to be there when things need to get done. To all of those athletes who easily could have stopped after one or two hard slams but continued to get back up, not for money or fame, but for pride and the beliefs that they could make something impossible become a reality.. you guys are legends!!! #actionfiguresthemovie 2 is going to be awesome because of all of you. While I can't post any of the madness that went down this week, this is a pic from my warm up run on the jump where I later landed the biggest trick of my life. It was a double back flip, not because it was cool, but because it would have been too hard to straight air and I was afraid of not being able to rotate a single flip slow enough with that much airtime..📷 @jamesfosterbmx @smagical @kurtisdowns @harrybink @motoduff @kyledemelo @ethenroberts @dustywygle @beaverfleming @trevor.jacob @dovribnick @gvdcowboy @shaka_gnar @codystauder @chrannzee @yokohamatire @wienerschnitzel @kevlarbrand @polarisrzr @wildmikespizza @blackriflecoffee @andersenhitches @nitrocircus @srtusa #subaru

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