Watch the Winning Women’s BMX Runs at FISE Edmonton 2017

September 20, 2017

The top rider in women’s BMX is also the youngest. Hannah Roberts, the 16-year-old BMX phenom, claimed the top spot at FISE Edmonton 2017. The 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Champion is having another banner year; she won gold at FISE Montpelier and a bronze at FISE Budapest. Hannah’s composure was tested in Edmonton. The airline lost her bike and baggage, so she was forced to compete on an unfamiliar bike. She was also tested by her competitors, who put in some fierce runs. Nikita Ducarroz claimed bronze with a one-foot exit to can-can in the first run and opened the second run with a huge backflip. Nikita tried to close her run with a 540 but was unseated in the attempt. Macarena Perez came in second with a blast of toboggans, a one-hander and a transfer in the first run, even more in the second. She ended her run with a tailwhip on the quarter, wowing the commentators and crowd. Hannah’s run had to be perfect. Despite being four years younger than her nearest competitor, Macarena, she showed the poise of a veteran with a smooth set of runs that included a 360 and tailwhip flyout in the first run and a barspin 360 and a seemingly improvised nose manual in the second. Remember, many of the riders winning these events in the men’s and women’s BMX freestyle park event are very likely going to be competing for their country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Click here for the men’s results. Check out the winning women’s runs here:



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