Watch Todd Meyn Lovingly Assemble His Bike in a Time-Lapse Video

July 11, 2017

For some of us, the tools we use to get our jobs done are just that: tools. If you’re a doctor you have a stethoscope, if you’re an accountant you have a calculator, and if you write for Nitro Circus you have a rickety laptop covered in cool stickers. But when an accountant’s calculator fails, it will very rarely lead to severe road rash. BMX superstar Todd Meyn recently put up a time-lapse video of him assembling the tool of his trade. A BMX rider who can tear down and build up his own bike is a rider who can trust that every part is functioning how it should when it counts, whether it’s a street session or a Giganta session. As you can see from Todd’s posts, when you develop that kind of relationship with your bike, well, you become darn near inseparable.

Time lapse of building the bike up yesterday. On the way to @woodwardwest for a few days !

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