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June 16, 2017

Advice of the week: With the 2017 Nitro World Games just around the corner, we thought we should remind you that this isn’t just another Nitro Circus show. It’s a sports competition, and with the world-class field we have for the semifinals in each event, it really is anyone’s to win. So in the spirit of many degenerates before us, we’re excited to bring you the Nitro World Games Fantasy Challenge, which is just what it sounds like: Fantasy Nitro World Games, where you pick your favorites for each event and get points based on how well they do. It’s free to enter and the prizes are rad. So our advice of the week is some basics on how to do well in fantasy sports. First off, be a mathematician. Obviously this advice might be coming too late for most of you, but it’s still pretty good advice if you’re playing the long game. Second, study up! Learn the athletes, their strengths, their weaknesses, who’s on fire, who’s hitting their peak. Last and arguably most important: You aren’t playing fantasy if you don’t take it way too seriously. Yes, it is just for fun, but you know what’s fun? Winning. Just ask this guy:

Travis Pastrana signing jerseys for the winners of the Nitro World Games Fantasy challenge

If you do win, that’s the proof that Travis actually touched your prize. Those are the exact jerseys that will go to the winners for scoring in the Top 10 in the Nitro World Games Fantasy Challenge. We’re not gonna lie, choosing the podium winners before the semifinals is going to be super tough. But there’s no risk, and the rewards are signed by a true legend. ENTER FOR FREE

BMX Freestyle Park has been added to the 2020 Olympics. This is a no-brainer, of course. The only lingering question is whether “BMX Freestyle Park” as a phrase is redundant. Corollary: When will Obsessive Pedantic Overthinking become an Olympic event? READ IT

Jordyn Barrat set to compete at Dew Tour 2017. Up-and-coming skateboarder and 2020 Olympic hopeful Jordyn Barrat was among the 45 athletes selected to compete at the Dew Tour Am Contest in Long Beach, California, the first woman to receive the invite. READ IT

Baller move of the week: R-Willy puts out a best of 2017 compilation … in June. Hey, can you blame him? The rate that he’s going, we may have to convert to dog years. This edit runs the gamut of disciplines R-Willy is riding this year, from scooter to mini-scooter to booter. The good news is, this is only Part 1 in the series. He promises another one within a week or so. ADMIRE IT

Important Update: Bears can open the door to your van. We’re all about bringing insight vital to people who embrace the adventure lifestyle, and this one is a doozy. As a pair of friends discovered in Whistler, B.C., Bears have acquired the manual dexterity to open a van door. The bear sat in the driver’s seat for 12 minutes and honked the horn, which indicates bears may be interested in learning to drive too. Playing dead or fighting back will not likely be effective against a bear and a van, so adjust your tactics accordingly. EDUCATE YOURSELF


Jacqueline Taheny

A 43-year-old mother from Darwin will compete at the 2017 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. We’ll just get started on the movie pitch here: Jaqueline Taheny started out in BMX as a spectator, watching her eldest race BMX at the local club. She thought she’d give it a try. She quickly surpassed her son as a rider (he’s proud of her, folks). Add a bit about how the local townsfolk were scandalized that a woman, let alone one her age, could take on men in supercross. Cap it off with an improbable chance to compete against riders from around the world. Oscar material. GREENLIGHT IT

We didn’t think you could improve on how babies receive nourishment. Mostly because we don’t really understand anything about parenting or motherhood or babies. But the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club in New York is working with the New York Milk Bank to deliver breast milk for free to infants in need. It’s an incredibly worthy cause with a delivery system we do understand. Sirens, you are non-Nitro MVCs of the week. BLESS IT


Riders have been putting their own edits together for quite a while now, and we can see their talent as filmmakers growing. The key word is “growing,” because as this video proves, they’re still a little short of Michael Bay in selling the drama as well as the action. R-Willy’s secret video, shot at Pastranaland, is a short vignette about a bullied scooter rider in one of the steepest and shortest character arcs in movie history:


It’s pun o’clock: Here’s something Sheeny never tires of doing:

Puppy PSA: As temperatures heat up this summer, don’t leave your dog unattended in your car without opening the windows.

😂😂 👌🏻 funny @kyleayoung

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When you forget your loading ramp: Wherever you are in life, find your balance.


A sneak peek at next week: WildWeek will take the week off to bring you coverage of a little thing called the Nitro World Games.

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